Vaughan Community Church is part of World Vision's Global Partner Opportunities program, which pairs a church with a community living in poverty in a developing country. In partnership with World Vision, the church supports the community to foster a deep transformation, which helps them become self-supporting and self-sustaining. Since 2016, VCC has committed to journeying with Lomas, Bolivia for 12-15 years through this program. We currently sponsor over 160 children and are continuously working with World Vision to grow our support.

  • The program is divided into 3 phases, and Lomas is in Phase 1: Building the foundation. With local leaders, World Vision helps assess the community’s needs and resources, and plan projects to provide long-term solutions. This is where sponsorship and development opportunities begin.

  • As part of VCC's long-term commitment to Lomas, we’ve fundraised $30,000 towards the improvement of two Early Childhood Development centres in Lomas. The centres will be equipped with crucial resources for learning and development, including playgrounds, bathroom facilities, kitchens and organic gardens.

  • In 2019, we’re fundraising $25,000 towards the development of a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) program. In Lomas, basic necessities like a bathroom with a proper toilet and running water are unaffordable luxuries. As a result, unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation, and poor hygiene are large factors in malnutrition and illness among children. The WASH program will improve access to safe drinking water, construction of bathrooms, and the promotion of good hygiene practices.

2018 TRIP   

  • Last year, nine members from our congregation visited Lomas, Bolivia for a vision trip. This was VCC EM’s second trip to Lomas since the start of our partnership. The first vision trip was in 2016.

  • This was VCC EM’s second trip to Lomas since the start of our partnership. The first vision trip was in 2016.

  • On this trip, our team visited the community’s Early Childhood Development centres, met with our sponsor children and their families, and worked with the World Vision team to learn more about Lomas’ needs and opportunities for growth.

bolivia team


Lomas is a community on the outskirts of Cochabamba in Bolivia. The population of this urban slum continues to grow as families migrate from rural communities toward the city in search of better lives. Most make their living as drivers, masons, street vendors, and, particularly for men, selling wares at the market.

The population in Lomas is very young, with 53% younger than 20 years old, and often under-educated. Most families are struggling to get by, and with parents working long hours outside the home, children are usually left on their own during the day with no one to monitor their studies and nutrition, or keep them out of risky situations. Alcoholism, drugs and crime continue to be worries.