holy spirit church

We continue to pray for HSC as they move to a new location (north Etobicoke) closer to their members. They ask prayer for wisdom and new plans, for a van for transportation and equipment as they start in a new place. Pray also for the 3 new refugee families arriving in the next few weeks, for newcomer families who have arrived this past year to Canada and the church members who walk with them as they settle into their new home.


Pray for the many transitions that our members will be going through in September. Pray for the students that they would meet new friends and be a great friend to others. Pray for great opportunities to grow and good habits to be formed. Pray God would be the one that they turn to first and most often as they navigate everything that life will bring their way. Pray that they would faithfully honour God with their minds, words and deeds.

missionaries back at home

Many have come back from mission this summer and will often experience reverse culture shock, struggling to figure out how to live missional lives back here at home. Pray that the processing of what they experienced bears fruit as they continue to share Christ's love wherever God has planned them.

lomas, bolivia

We pray for the leaders and members of Lomas who are working hard to see their community grow in sustainability. We pray for the health and protection of the children, for youth to have vision and hope, for parents who work hard to support their families, for the World Vision staff who serve in Christ's love.