holy spirit church

7 Syrian refugee families have been invited to Canada through the sponsorship program and Richmond Hill Christian Community Church. Pray for the 5 families who are arriving in Toronto this month and next as they settle into their life here in Canada, for Pastor Ehsan, Holy Spirit Church and RHCCC who will be helping them settle and for the Lord to guide each family as they make home here.

bolivia team

Open mind, soft heart. To be opened to what God wants to show me about His work and His people. Be aware of how God wants to use this opportunity to better equipped me – and VCC – to live out a missional lifestyle.

That the team will use our respective talents to benefit both the preparation for the trip and the trip itself. I also pray that the Holy Spirit will be able to work in and through me and give me a bigger yearning for the gospel and for missions in general.

I ask that you would pray for my heart, that God would continue to stretch and strengthen its capacity to hold the hard things, whatever they may be. 

Pastor Angie: 
To learn as much as I can about the daily life and prayers of the Lomas residents. To have spiritual eyes to see how God is calling our church to partner with Lomas. And for physical strength through the summer mission months.

To provide wisdom in difficult situations and strengthen the physical capabilities and health of the team. 

Elder Dae: 
Families of Lomas to experience God's love through the team;   Safe travel

I've chosen to go to Bolivia to see and facilitate how our church helps those outside our immediate community in VCC. I think my past experiences leading volunteer trips abroad and my ability to speak Spanish have prepared me to take this next step in my journey with God.

Please pray for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of all the people going on the mission and the same for the individuals, the children, the families, the community with whom we will be meeting and interacting. May it be a learning and a growing time for all involved. More than anything, may the Spirit of God guide us to meet the right people to maximize the growth and evolution of the people to be a more independent and caring people.

Prayer for the team’s physical health and safety as we travel to Bolivia. Prayer for spiritual strength so that we will be prepared for any challenges or struggles we may face.