out of the cold

This week is the last week of the OOTC program for this winter. Please keep our friends and guests in prayer as they transition to a new season. Pray for their health, safety; for access to support and resources; for good friendships along the way; for opportunities for work and affordable housing.

alpha program

Pray for those who are considering joining the Alpha program, for those who have signed up and for those who will be serving in this ministry. Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us in meaningful conversations with receptive hearts and for the Gospel to take root in our lives.

holy spirit church

We continue to pray for HSC as they move to a new location (north Etobicoke) closer to their members. They ask prayer for wisdom and new plans, for a van for transportation and equipment as they start in a new place. Pray also for the 3 new refugee families arriving in the next few weeks, for newcomer families who have arrived this past year to Canada and the church members who walk with them as they settle into their new home.

lomas, bolivia

We pray for the leaders and members of Lomas who are working hard to see their community grow in sustainability. We pray for the health and protection of the children, for youth to have vision and hope, for parents who work hard to support their families, for the World Vision staff who serve in Christ's love. 

Dali Family

We pray for the Dali family (Aftinous, Solange, Aboud, Maral, Aftinious and Solanj) who have sought refugee from the Syrian civil war and are currently finding it very difficult to live in Lebanon. As the case assessment application has been submitted to the PCC (a Share Agreement Holder for refugee sponsorship in Canada), we pray that through the team discernment our applications are accepted. We also pray for our congregation as we journey together with the Dali family - that we would continue the process in faith, wisdom, discernment, compassion and Christ's love.

VCC Transitions

Rev. Sukhyon Peter Han, who has served as senior minister of VCC, will be retiring after 30 years of ministry. The church has begun the process of searching for a minister. Pray for the search process as the interim moderator (Rev. Lim from Galilee Presbyterian Church) works together with our VCC Session (elders) to determine the method and procedure to search for the next lead minister. Let's pray together for God's will and grace to be revealed through the process of searching and inviting the minister. We also pray for discernment, wisdom and a healthy transitions as we prepare for this next season of our church life.

PCC Pastors' Conference

April 22-26

Ministers in our PCC (Presbyterian Church in Canada) denomination continue to face difficult and varying challenges while leading the church and VCC would like to give them an opportunity to rest, find encouragement and fellowship together. Our church has initiated and is subsidizing a conference for ministers in April at a resort in the Dominican Republic. Please pray for the 120+ pastors from across Canada who will be attending - that they may find rest, renewal, continued strength, vision and unity in Christ as they continue to serve the church. Pray also for the preparations with the presbyterian seminary principals and VCC pastors and conference team.